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 Regardless of where you are, you can have the tools you need to transform your body, and to improve your health. Utilizing our virtual personal training platform, you will enjoy easy access to our team of expert personal trainers. Many of our clients – especially those with busy work schedules or prohibitive commutes find our virtual personal training plan allows them to juggle their work/life responsibilities while improving their overall fitness. You are worth the investment. Remember, everything positive in life starts with YOU and YOUR health and wellbeing!   For those coming into our program from my 21 day Mind Body Transformation  use the subscription button below for your discounted payment plan!

Our online program is broken up in phases Phase 1 is strength. We focus on your basic foundation to make sure your body is in the correct place for the next phase Phase 2 is focused on growth, this phase we decide to make your muscles grow from the point you established with your foundation. This is the fun phase! Phase 3 is finding new goals to come up with and to achieve based on your new level of fitness.  PRIVATE FACEBOOK ROOM FOR CONSTANT ACCOUNTABILITY  Online programming $125 per month


All plans include:

  • Complete video library of all moves that your workouts will be made from. You will be able to take your training with you everywhere. 
  • Complete macros based diet plan specific to your taste in food. (This plan evolves with you depending on how your body responds to weight loss.) Also in the first 30 days we put you into a gut adjustment meal plan to help jumpstart your metabolism. Vegetarian plans are available as well.
  • Mindset motivation in our Change your mindset FB room
  • 30 minute initial phone call to establish your goals and to get to know one another
  • This program will walk you step by step physically and help you stay positive through the entire process so that you have the highest rate of success possible.
  • Most of our interactions will be in our FB room but you will also receive Regular emails and texts to prompt you on your protocol along the process to keep you accountable and help minimize confusion
  • Convenience because its all done on your time around your schedule!
  • Fantastic results!
*all sales are final there are no refunds after 30 days