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Personalized Fitness Coaching

Fit-4-Life-St-louis-gym-personal-trainerTrain 4 Life Studios, a St. Louis-based fitness center for people of all athletic abilities is working to create cutting-edge programs and techniques to help all people lead healthier lives.

Work with our certified fitness experts to create a program that will improve your current health and help you learn and develop the healthy habits that will enable you to maintain your changes for the rest of your life. Remember, everything positive in life starts with YOU and YOUR health and wellbeing!

*all sales are final there are no refunds after 30 days.

Comprehensive Consultation




1 on 1 Personal Fitness Training

6 month results based programs OR Month to month

  • Fun and effective expert training personalized to match your goal.
  • 10 min phone consult with my fantastic nutritionist Eva Stottler
  • Daily text/email motivation
  • Macros based evolving diet plan with a flexible eating plan.
  • Every two months time choice of the following:
    • Make your payments with PayPal. It is free, secure, effective.

For 6 month program 3 days a week $450 per month reoccurring monthly

For 6 month program 2 days a week $400 per month reoccurring monthly


Month to month option

3 days per week $550 (this is not reoccurring)

2 days per week $500 (this is not reoccurring)

*add 125 per month for in-home training.