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Think of your body as an obedient puppy.  No matter what you do, or what you tell it to do, it will follow your lead.  Your body does the same thing.  It is a reactionary organism.  It attempts to stay balanced, but when you push it, it will listen.

With that in mind let’s get into this.  Cortisol is a chemical that is the body’s reaction to the need for more sugar.  It is usually called on in times of stress, when we are over thinking, or stressing about work or a speech we have to give or whatever it may be our body responds and starts producing cortisol.  Your brain runs purely on sugar.  So when you are in a state of nervousness you burn sugar, so the body makes you hungry for more.  You see where the cycle can go. Yes that’s right, to your hips, butt and all the other places you don’t want fat forming.

Like superman coming to save the cat, in comes the weights!  When you lift weights you are doing a lot of things to change the narrative in your body.  First of all, you are tiring it and thus helping reduce your stress level.  By reducing your stress and nervous processes, your hunger for sweet foods reduces. Lifting takes the focus away from your stress simply because you must pay attention when lifting heavy weights.  It also, and most importantly, changes the nutritional needs of your body.  Instead of your sweet tooth being turned on, your protein inner beast in unleashed.  You have now told your body it needs protein for growing muscles, your appetite changes and so does your waist line.

You kill the Cortisol bug two ways.  Kill the hormone spawning stress and also change your nutritional needs.  Thus, changing your eating habits.  Now that sounds like a recipe for success if I ever heard one.  Get pumped and stay fit!  Live long and be healthy.