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Our clients come from all walks, are all shapes and are all of all levels of fitness.  Each person gets a very personal experience that works well for their current lifestyle.  That is very important because this
sets clients up for great success. It’s so key for success that our clients never feel overwhelmed or over-trained, or they’ll be more likely to stop short of their goal.












Personal Fitness Coaching motivates Georgeanna.

weight loss program st louis weight loss lose weight“Brian is ONE in a million! His professional skill set, and the way he incorporates his knowledge into practice each & every time I work out with him is exemplary!  When I walk in the door, wherever we work,

he already knows my “state of mind”. From this point on, he adapts his delivery to get the hardest workout from me. He knows when to push me, extra-hard, or when to support my “current state of the union” mentality. His perceptions are right on!

I love my workouts with Brian! Each session is different and is a total body workout without you even realizing it. He is a good mix of tough and challenging while still being encouraging and supportive.  Brian has a wealth of health and fitness knowledge and seems truly passionate about his profession. I have gained strength, endurance, confidence and the motivation to make a lifestyle change to healthy eating and fitness through my training sessions with Brian.”


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Candis learns how to control & maintain her weight loss.

“I’m a 48 year old Chef, and mother of two who has battled with weight my entire life. I finally decided to get rid of the excess weight and lost roughly 80 pounds. When I was having issues with maintaining, I turned to the help of Brian Byrd. My first concept of a trainer was a lot of screaming and yelling, but this is not the case with Brian. He works with you to set a realistic goal and provides the means to get to it. As a trainer, he has taught me that it’s not just a number on a scale but a well rounded lifestyle of clean eating and staying active. He has truly helped me enjoy fitness by providing support and motivational workouts in and out of the gym. There aren’t enough words to say how grateful I am for what Brian has taught me and admire his dedication to his profession. I would recommend him to anyone who needed a trainer.” – Candis



Amy reshapes her body after baby.

“After having my baby, a trusted friend introduced me to Brian and Train 4 Life Studios.  It was a life changing meeting.  Brian put me on a nutritional and exercise program including his personalized training sessions that allowed me to achieve my goals.  I lost 16lbs in just a few months and went from a 10 to a 4.  Brian has you lose weight and inches the RIGHT way, not thru starvation but through significant muscle and strength development along with reviewing you daily intake to keep you on the right track.  It is not just a business to him, it is his passion.  He is a phenomenal trainer and an overall great human being.” -Amy 





2015-10-18 10.44.59Lisa loses 32 lbs with virtual personal training online.

Her story is amazing.  Truly.  I will keep it simple.  I almost never see her.  She lives in Iowa.  We train online through Trainerize and this young lady is down 32 lbs! Its an amazing transformation to witness indeed.


2015-07-01 14.43.04

Brad makes small changes and finds big results.

“Brian taught me a lot about fitness in a very short amount of time.  I made some very simple adjustments in my routine and lost 9lbs in two weeks.  We only worked one month but the experience was a great one and when I have time will return to train with him.”

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