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Washington University fitness training class promotes health and balance

Brian Byrd here with Train 4 life Studios.  It was such a cool thing to witness the surgery resident participants getting their fitness in last Wednesday night.  That class marks the first of a 6 month training program that will allow all participants in the Washu surgical residency program to come twice a month to Olin Hall in the full size gym to get fit! This help the already incredibly busy residents make use of the facility on campus to get some physical exercise.  Its so important to have that as a balance to the stress and long hours that their jobs bring.

Before every class we have guided meditation to slow down their minds from the busy and often longer than 12 our days.  Next the class starts up with some stretching and then 30 minutes of full body body weight training.  The bodyweight format is great because they do not have to bring anything with them since most are coming straight from work.  They are assured a great heart pumping blast that targets strength, conditioning, flexibility and peace of mind.  Thank you to everyone that came out and I will see you all again soon.washu-strength-fitness-health-group-class

For more information on classes coming to your campus please leave your information on the site and we will contact you within 24 hours.