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Train 4 strength to prevent injury

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Train for strength to stay injury free.

If there is one thing I know about fitness and being consistent with any program is that you have to stay physically strong. Injury is the number two reason people are afraid of starting a program. Number one reason being, not knowing what to do. That’s an entirely different blog topic though. So what are some things to consider when starting up or to remain injury free? Get back to the basics. If you are starting a new program, act like it.  How? Do not attack your program like you’re a seasoned athlete, that is a sure way to lead to debilitating injuries. Go slow at first and address large muscle groups in a closed exercise model with a personal trainer who can teach you the right way to do these exercises.

A good place to start is with strengthening the major muscle groups. Traditional back squats or leg press machines are great for this. They offer your spine stability while you get those large muscles moving.  The same is true with the rest of the body; pushups are a great way to start to strengthen your chest, shoulders and core. For arms do light military or shoulder presses with one bar.  Avoid dumbbell work at first until you’re good and strong from limited motion machine work.  The amount of weight you use can be very light, the purpose is to slowly strengthen the joints and tendons and other inter-connective tissue that can get strained if pushed too hard too fast.  For the seasoned athlete or if you are in a consistent routine already its still a good ideas to take time to go back and do basic strength moves to prevent getting hurt when doing you’re out hooping or trail-running.  Keep moving guys and stay healthy.  Don’t forget to sign up for free fitness tips!  Go to the home page to sign up.