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Whole Fruit or Fruit Juice Exercise Nutrition

Whole fruit vs. Fresh fruit juice for your healthy diet

Is it live or is it Memorex?

By Brian Byrd, Train 4 Life Studios Fitness Coach

Like anything else in our lives we try and get the most out of our time and effort. So instead of eating all that fruit we have started trying to get them in by juicing or in smoothies. Oh don’t get me wrong, I love a good freshly pressed juice or a smoothie made from concentrates, but are we getting everything that fruit has to offer us? What is the point of juicing? This is a very important question because it makes us analyze why we are going through the trouble of producing juice. Two reasons come to mind. One being that you are somehow getting the essence of the fruit in its juice by squeezing the “blood” from it. The other school of thought is you are simply getting more fruit into your diet because you can squeeze the juice from 5 fruits in one 8-12oz. serving Only one of those statements is true. Yes, you are getting more fruits in a serving by juicing but you are not getting all the essential nutrition the fruit has to offer. Where is the nutrition in fruit?: In fruits, most of

Where is the nutrition in fruit?

In fruits, most of the nutrient-packed compounds, mineral and vitamins and minerals are found in the pulp or skins of the fruit. The juicing process discards most of this material in the seperation process. What you have left is unfortunately a lot of raw sugar with a lot less nutrition, and that can no longer be properly processed and metabolized by the body. The essential fiber found in the skins and flesh of fruit aids in the processing of the sugar and contains most of the micro-nutrients the fruit has to offer. If you eat the whole fruit you get the fiber and per volume less sugar. Studies show that you get 10% less sugar by eating the whole fruit. That’s significant if you are doing a lot of juicing.

Is all hope lost for juicing fruit?

There are juicing devices that put back a portion of the pulp normally lost. Luckily the fruit provides you with an abundance of pulp so just putting back 20-40% of the pulp back in you get a mixture that is chuck full of essentials and that tastes great. If the thickness of what you’ve got is too much then simply add some filtered water into the mix. You thin it out plus get a little more bang for you buck because you have just increased the volume of your mixture. Now let’s keep it real In the grand scheme of things let be serious about nutrition. Yes, you lose some of the nutrition that is in the flesh of the fruit by juicing it.

Now let’s look at the alternatives. If you replace the freshly squeezed apple juice (slightly pulpy) with what you get in the isles at the grocery store you’d be doing yourself a great injustice. Make no mistake the unprocessed fresh nutrient rich juice you get from fresh organic apples is literally 99% better for you than what is in your local stores. The juice you buy has been processed by heat to kill off as many of the contaminates the fruit takes on through the growing process. The heat does kill contaminants but also kills the live enzymes which are very beneficial for you. Next, you only get a very small portion of fruit juice in a container of juice. Only 2-5%. And finally, the high fructose corn syrup to sweeten it and the coloring to get that uniform amber color of apple juice. I can tell you now that real apple juice does not look like what you buy in the store.

So, take this information with a grain of salt (not sugar). You are not hurting yourself by juicing your fruits. You will need to be aware of the amount of sugar you are getting from the juice and you are simply not getting as much nutrition as you could be if you eat the whole fruit. That’s not bad. And let’s not even bring soft drinks into the picture, there is nothing good to be said there. I would put my money on freshly squeezed fruit juice versus anything you can buy at the store, IF you do not want to eat the whole fruit. Support your local growers and eat as fresh and as close to the source of all your produce as you can, and if you are juicing tip your glass to great health! Live long and be healthy!