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Train 4 Life launches corporate wellness and fitness program

corporate-wellness-st-louis-fitnessWe are excited to share that we have recently expanded our fitness and wellness services to include corporate wellness training.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with some amazing organizations, including Washington University, as part of this program.

Kept simple we come to your location and coach employees on how to quickly and efficiently stay fit, we educate employees on the importance of fitness and how it can improve productivity in the workplace and in their everyday lives.  We encourage a fun light atmosphere in our workshops.  Eva Stottler, our nutrition expert, does a fantastic job preparing smoothies and presenting (for your tasting pleasure) very nutritious foods!

Our ongoing work with your team can be through periodic workshops, online virtual training or personal coaching in groups.

Studies have shown that even very basic workplace wellness support programs such as ours can benefit employers through enhanced employee productivity, decreased employee absenteeism, and lower insurance rates. Additionally, they corporate wellness and fitness programs help to attract and retain new talent.

Work with us for your corporate wellness program.

Reach out for rates on our corporate wellness, fitness and nutrition services. We can’t wait to help your team become the healthiest and happiest you can have.

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