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Hot places to train in St Louis

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St. Louis Fitness Club (SOUTH CITY)

Owner Randi Ganousis

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I love this place! St. Louis Fitness Club is where I go to train myself. When you first walk in you feel like you are in a family establishment.  By that, I mean everyone is friendly and greets you as if they have known you forever. The front desk staff is very courteous and gets you in and on your way.
They offer a variety of classes from yoga & circuit training, to the upbeat spinning class that you can hear when they get rocking. The training staff is top notch. They all have very unique specialties that fall right in place with the overall theme of “everyone fits here.” The gym is set up for the success of the members.

They just re-arranged based on member input and the result is amazing.  The machine circuit area flows really well and the use of space is very well done.  There is a huge range of different types of cardio machines,  that never seem to be over crowded.  In the back of the club, you will find open space for jumping rope, full body routines, or crossfit.  You can get extremely creative in that area. Group Ex classes are held in a closed off space that has a fantastic, old school wooden gym floor. Each area is well equipped with all sorts of fitness gadgets.  OH YEAH and the new trainer’s area gives your trainer the ability to focus in on you and not have to battle members out in the main area.

I lean towards being an ADHD kind of guy and I never get bored in this club.  I’ve been in a million gyms and have never come across one quite like it.

St. Louis Fitness club is the Cadillac of fitness centers and we are lucky to have a facility like this for our use. Click the link above and check out their site.  Live long and be healthy!